Collection Week

Each year Amnesty organises the money collection week. This year, it will take place from 13 till 19 March. During this week, many volunteers in different cities and villages go from door to door with a money-box to collect money to support our human rights work. It’s a long tradition and student groups always join in on it. STAI of course also participates by collecting money around the University campus!

It is crucial that we collect money in order to fund our fight for human rights. Human rights are being violated worldwide. People are tortured for expressing their opinion. Beat up for being gay. Deprived because they are women. Sentenced to death after an unfair trial. Peaceful protesters disappear behind bars. With your contribution we can do more research, take more actions and save more people. 

Don’t want to wait until March? Make a donation now!

Questions about the collection week? Contact us or call 020-6264436!